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The MIMI Method


MIMI is not about doing the bare minimum, MIMI is about imparting the MINIMAL amount of pressure + force needed to align the C1 vertebrae with no twisting, cracking or popping. The neck & the brain stem are responsible for vital life functions. This area is so important, it has its own specialty.


Creating the maximum impact through MIMI is about re-orienting the head & spine to re-align the head over the body. This creates optimum communication through the brain stem. By keeping the communication highway clear through proper alignment, we allow the brain and body to work together to better heal itself.

Find Your Maximum Impact

The road to maximum impact in your life takes care & action. Optimize & amplify your life today through Upper Cervical Alignment and Origin's MIMI™ Method of NUCCA Chiropractic in San Diego.


We look at the Whole body and we find the best way to impact and influence the body through the C1 vertebrae as it is central pathway for brain to body communication.


Don't Overwhelm the Nervous System

The goal is to not overwhelm the nervous system. Stacking the right solutions on your health journey is the key to maximum impact. If these steps are not approached in the right order the nervous system will be overwhelmed, hindering your ability to align and heal.


Your True

Getting you to your true neurological and structural neutral is our goal. No Drugs, Surgery, or Medication is necessary. This is the least invasive and safest approach to create the maximum impact you deserve.


Mapping the
Route Cause

We look at how the body forms embryologically (what is created when you are in the embryo) versus naturally post birth (natural life wear and tear) which helps us understand where fascia and neural formations begin to help map root causes to unwind the body and spine, creating alignment and optimum brain to body connection with the least amount of intervention necessary through our MIMI™ Method.


Join Origin Today

The MIMI™ Method is one of the best ways to experience NUCCA an Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique offered in San Diego. You can align your entire body through your C1, your first vertabrae.

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