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There are many frequently asked questions around NUCCA and especially the Chiropractic world. We are here to provide clarity on any and all questions you may have. If you do not find your 

  • Do you take insurance?
    We are an out of network provider but have very affordable payment plans and options to suit every health budget. We do Accept HSA & FSA as well as Care Credit. Patients can request super bills when necessary to submit to their insurance providers if their health plan allows.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes we do! We want to make your care affordable and accessible. We offer fair and easy to use interest free payment options that fit your health budget.
  • Why is NUCCA priced the way it is?
    The community of NUCCA practitioners and Origin Modern Health & Wellness prioritize longevity in an individuals health journey. While it took someone years or even decades to develop their misalignments, we can correct those in a matter of months which requires consistent visits and a regiment in order to re-train the body to hold its true neutral in alignment. On day one we do your imaging, allowing us to see your misalignments and build a plan forward as well as aligning you for the first time. Over the course of your alignment journey, you will have multiple office visits, some will require new imaging and alignments and some will not, which is a good thing. The goal is to help your body hold alignment for as long as possible between adjustments. NUCCA has proven that after 12 weeks of care, a patient should be holding alignment for 6-8 weeks at a time only needing adjustments every month and a half. To get to this place of health, balance, vibrance and powerful life performance, we must develop your foundation. So much like building a home, the initial cost is a it more while maintaining it once built is less of a financial obligation. You can not put a price on health, make the choice and we will work with you on a plan that fits your budget.
  • What technique do you practice?
    We practice NUCCA, a specialized technique designed for a gentle approach without any twisting, popping or cracking to help address the root cause of your issues. While this is a chiropractic practice, we are not your typical chiropractor, our method is gentle, non-invasive and results oriented. Most care focuses on treating the symptoms, we fix the symptoms by treating the cause. None of our patients leave our care misaligned.
  • Do you take any imaging if necessary?
    The quick answer is yes. We take 3D CBCT imaging of your head and neck, to identify your degree of misalignment. This process measures precisely where your body structures and neurology currently sit so we may address the issue and create more clear communication from the brain to the body through the brain stem. We DO NOT guess with your health.
  • How do I know if I need this?
    Great Question! We offer a complimentary discovery call that will take a deeper dive to understand what is going on and how and if we can help. We have a strict policy of not accepting patients that are not ideal candidates for care.
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