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PR: “Nimbus Brain & Spine Announces Comprehensive Rebranding and Strategic Relocation”

Nimbus Brain & Spine Announces Rebranding and Relocation

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, October 4, 2023 / — Nimbus Brain & Spine is thrilled to announce its comprehensive rebranding to Origin Modern Health and Wellness and relocation initiative to San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs area at 2204 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. San Diego, CA 92107. This significant change, inspired by the patients they serve, aims to reach more individuals seeking solutions for their health issues at the root cause or origin.

The rebranding embodies the unique blend of Eastern and Western philosophies of medicine and health solutions that Origin Modern Health and Wellness represents. The refreshed logo and branding elements incorporate numerous nods to the NUCCA technique. This gentle, precise approach optimizes the brain-to-body connection. The new branding symbolizes aligning vital life functions in the brainstem, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing a modern, comprehensive approach to healthcare.

With the rebranding, patients can expect an inclusive, premium concierge service that optimizes the brain-to-body connection. The service will bring alignment neurologically and structurally through NUCCA, along with energetic and lifestyle alignment with Ayurvedic Practices. The office space will be transformed into a more open and welcoming environment that aligns with its wellness message.


The decision to relocate to Sunset Cliffs was driven by the desire to better serve its diverse clientele, including over 100 out-of-state clients and even more from out of the county. The new location, closer to the airport and in an area with more accommodations and infrastructure, will provide a healing space that aligns with the vision of Nimbus Brain & Spine. With cleaner air, proximity to the beach, and a vibrant community, the new location promises to offer added benefits to patients.

CEO/President Dr. Vivek Soham sees this rebranding and relocation as an opportunity for substantial growth. The new location brings his vision to life, allowing the team to solve people’s actual problems, not just their symptoms, without conforming to insurance, landlords, or the traditional medical model.

The rebranding and relocation will also bolster Nimbus Brain & Spine’s efforts to grow the Upper Cervical Sports Community. The new office will illustrate how the protocols developed by Origin Modern Health and Wellness fit into any athlete’s routine, playing a vital role in their rest, recovery, and performance.

While the services will remain the same, they will be delivered with improved communication and structure. To ensure a smooth transition for current and past patients, Nimbus Brain & Spine will send weekly reminders until November 1st and newsletters highlighting the changes. Services begin on October 2 at the new location, and a grand opening is scheduled for November 5th.

Through this rebranding and relocation, Origin Modern Health and Wellness wishes to convey to its patients and the larger San Diego community that it is here to provide better access to resources for making healthier choices.

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