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NUCCA: A New Form of Remedy for Migraines

Many migraine patients have sought and found relief from their symptoms with the help of NUCCA care. Are you familiar with this chiropractic protocol? Have you experienced working closely with a San Diego, CA upper cervical chiropractic doctor? Essentially, this chiropractic technique focuses on applying the lowest amount of force on the topmost neck-bones to fix spinal misalignments and alleviate issues like migraines. 


It is a scientifically proven option for migraineurs and patients with other debilitating health concerns. Let’s help you get acquainted with this migraine to determine if you need a quick consultation with our NUCCA doctor, Dr. Vivek Soham. 


Do you suffer from chronic migraines?


You’re not alone. Millions of people experience debilitating head pain, nausea, tunnel vision, and other classic migraine symptoms, often for days at a time.


But there is hope!


NUCCA helps to relieve the symptoms of migraine headaches without medication or surgery. It’s a completely natural and long-term solution that can help you live your life again.


When migraines strike, their unrelenting pain will suck the life out of you. The frustration, pain, and discomfort can be contagious and affect every aspect of your life (and those around you).

How Migraine Hurts and Impacts Life


If someone in our lives gets hit with these debilitating headaches, you must note that this person may feel too drained from the symptoms to function at 100 percent.


Migraine episodes can make working on a business or a job feel like a grueling battle. There will be days when the pounding sensation in the head gets so bad that you have little to no energy to roll out of bed. 


Lost work hours accumulate quickly with your reduced productivity. Missed opportunities to make meaningful connections with your loved ones or people around is also a typical consequence of frequent migraines.


The episodes can easily impact social interactions due to constant fear of when and where the debilitating symptoms might manifest. 


On top of all that, the cost of medicine needed increases exponentially because, without them, life would become unbearable!


Thankfully, all hope isn’t lost. There’s always a San Diego, CA upper cervical chiropractic doctor you can turn to so you can begin planning the following steps to curb your migraine symptoms and episodes.

Why am I getting a migraine?


Scientists have long been unsure about the exact causes of migraines but believe these occur when certain chemicals and substances in the brain are imbalanced. One neurotransmitter that migraine researchers look into is serotonin. 


Notably, fluctuating levels of serotonin in the blood can affect your pain perception and the natural flow of blood to and from the brain.


When this chemical isn’t properly regulated, it compromises your ability to handle any other sensations or feelings you may be experiencing, such as pressure around your head, neck pains – even nausea!


While research on what triggers migraines continues, doctors and migraine specialists recommend making simple lifestyle adjustments such as eating healthier foods.


Eating food with less sugar can help increase serotonin levels naturally without having side effects from too much medication usage.


Research has shown that misalignment in the upper cervical spine can cause irritation of the brainstem as well as the trigeminal nerve. This inflammation escalates and may lead to migraine pain.


Your San Diego, CA upper cervical chiropractic doctor is here if you want a skilled adjustment for your topmost vertebrae. 


Another known cause of migraine is injury, inflammation (or misalignment) in the upper cervical spine; this region encases your brainstem. Based on studies, it’s now known that these particular areas are affected by an issue with alignment. Unfortunately, this problem becomes more severe until people seek a competent chiropractor.

A solution for your migraines that works: San Diego, CA Upper Cervical Chiropractic


Migraine sufferers have a new ray of hope. There has been an innovative invention that is capable of providing much-needed relief for those who suffer from migraines on a regular basis. This technique (NUCCA chiropractic) helps restore proper alignment in atlas bone C1 and axis bone C2 to promote health and healing in sick patients suffering from pain or other symptoms related to their condition.


Research shows these results are stellar because they don’t just provide temporary relief but long-lasting improvements as well!


Our NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. Soham, has long years of experience restoring misaligned neckbones. He runs detailed assessments like cervical spine imaging scans, leg length tests, and physical examinations to tailor-fit a care regimen that can potentially reduce the severity of migraine episodes. Best of all, the approach provided by Dr. Soham is 100% natural! So what are you waiting for? Call us today at (858) 422-4006 to schedule an appointment!


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Soham, call our San Diego office at (858) 432-3072.


If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at

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